Style and Innovation Together Makes Fashion Technology

Course in fashion is one of the most sought after careers by today’s young generation. With more and more people becoming fashion conscious it has become essential to be always aware of the latest trends and styles. In fact wearing well stitched clothes combined with the right colors and right fabric has become more of a necessity. Whether it is an interview, a social gathering, a wedding, a formal or informal party; we are mostly judged more by our clothes than anything else.

Therefore most individuals nowadays try to buy designer clothes that speak of the latest trends. Fashion institutes are also on the rise as the young generation is not only trying to stay in vogue but seeking career in fashion technology that can help them to be the trend setters. This is a glamorous field with great career options and immense potentiality for exposure in the market. Fashion professionals can become renowned and create a name for themselves both nationally and internationally. But it is a misconception that a course in fashion is a piece of cake. In fact fashion and technology have become the most integral parts of our lives today. Perfect style and latest trends come with innovative ideas and modern thinking. And fashion colleges teach their students the technique of putting their innovative ideas on fabric.

The curriculum of fashion institutes in India is quite rigorous and just as professional courses in any other field require time, dedication, patience and continuous hard work; so is the case with courses in fashion. A person pursuing this career should also have some amount of creativity accompanied with an eye for detail, imagination and at least some amount of drawing skills. But most fashion colleges make their students completely prepared before they step out into the industry. The options are innumerable with the scope to grow really famous and technically expert; provided you are willing to work hard.

Students pursuing fashion technology can choose options of becoming:

* Fashion designer
* Illustrator
* Merchandiser in garment or export houses
* Fashion consultant for big brands or Retail chains
* Individual designer with a personal brand name
* Fashion writer
* Production Manager
* Quality Controller
* Fabric Manager etc.

The fashion design institutes in India not only offer curriculum that meets the industry standards but also provide hands on experience to their students. They are given practical training and also the chance to earn stipends while still pursuing the course. Therefore it is very important to join an institute that can give you your money’s worth otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain.

Are Fashion Colleges Truly Worth Your Hard Earned Money and Time?

It’s correct that numerous individuals typically enter the realm of fashion and modeling without the actual feel and or formal encounter. Then again, the few among those who do exemplary well are those who’ve been proficient for their art and experienced in the practical aspect of the market. Here is where fashion universities come in. The question is, granted the costly training for fashion in the USA these days, are the universities value your money?

Fashion colleges might be a big help in getting your base for an exemplary victorious career. Fashion design many times seem basic and fairly straightforward, specifically to an outsider. Once you are in though, you immediately understand the hill of little, intricate and highly specialized specifics important in the business. Discover most of these on the job might cost you a prize opportunity or make your start-up days a nightmare. The clever action to take would be to master all there is to the world of fashion design, practice it enough and fall under the sync before stepping forth into the wonderful sector.

Merely formal education in fashion colleges could appropriately help you prepare effectively for the concerns and demands of a fashion design vocation. Whenever looking for a job in the fashion sector, it may be standard to go to selection interviews and trial, where your formal education, level of skill and conversance with the complex methods and specialized equipment turn into cornerstone requirements of being qualified for any work. In addition, with formal education, you’ll be better able to approach the duties given with confidence if you eventually have that very first work. Everyone believes how quick it is to freak out when the most critical occasion of our career arrives calling and we have to show whether we are value anything at all.

The mere title of some fashion colleges provides you with a pedigree in the employment market. Several fashion design colleges are so reputable that by virtue of having pursued training in them, you immediately edge forward in securing an occupation direction. Fashion as well as modeling universities has been around since the beginning of the fashion industry.

And don’t make a mistake of thinking that these universities are a recent phenomenon and largely unnecessary. Your uncle’s uncle might have made it in the fashion scene minus the formal training however; you won’t actually have a possibility to show you will find the expertise without having that certificate today. Before the 1960’s, the course provided was much more like apprenticeship than schooling. However, the fashion business has expanded extremely since that time. Most procedures have been automated, complex designs discovered, intricately difficult procedures initiated and precision refined.

Modern fashion design art can’t be learnt without a grasp of the history of fashion design, a grasp of some valuable theoretical conceptions, appreciation of the changes, an exposure of modern trends, a training in modern equipment, a practical usage of modern tools and an adoption of the cutting edge techniques in use today. All these are what have made fashion so significant to modern lifestyle and what you can learn in the fashion universities easily. The college feel is thus value your every cent.

Fashion College-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s December, and for many Americans this means a LOT of shopping for a LOT of holiday gifts. The question asked by many gift-buyers this year is… What do you get that will surely put a smile on any fashionista’s face? Thanks to our fashion college experts, we have put together a fun and easy list of fashion-forward gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Earmuffs. Nothing says “hello winter” like a pair of warm, fuzzy earmuffs. Aside from keeping any fashionista’s ears nice and cozy, they are a perfect fashion accessory for any winter ensemble. Choose a classic pair in black or white, or get funky by finding a pair in a bright color or lined with fur.

Nail polish. Do NOT underestimate the power of nail polish to bring an ensemble to life. Nail polish makes an excellent holiday gift because it is relatively inexpensive but acts as a great accessory. This winter, choose from a muted, earthy palate for a super-trendy look. And if you want to go a step further, get your lucky friend a full-on nail art DIY set.

A wacky winter sweater. This age-old holiday gift has been popping up for years. In fact it is the cliché of all holiday gifts. However, the wacky winter sweater’s fate is not sealed. If you find one authentic and cool enough, it just might serve as the perfect gift for a fun-loving, quirky fashionista. Search around funky thrift shops for inexpensive and unique sweaters.

Jewelry. Any fashion college student will assure you that you can’t go wrong when you gift someone with beautiful or funky jewelry, and though diamonds are, of course, a girl’s best friend, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to find amazing jewelry that will be loved and appreciated. Vintage and thrift stores are a good place to hunt for jewelry too. Find a loud, statement ring or necklace, or a more subtle silver chain, and gift your favorite fashionista with it this winter.

Little somethings. If you are on a serious budget, but you still want to give away some gifts, think about the smallest details and you will surely find something appropriate. A cute, kitschy keychain is a good way to leave somebody a reminder of your love, or perhaps a beautifully (inexpensively) framed photograph that you’ve taken.

When it comes to holiday gift giving, remember that above all, it is the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend a year’s worth of fashion school tuition to show somebody you care!

What Goes On At Fashion College?

These days, it just isn’t easy to get a jump-start into the world of fashion design and merchandise marketing. The industry is cutthroat and fast-paced, and not everybody can keep up, or keep from getting their feelings hurt. Thankfully, fashion school is a great option for those who are yearning to master the methods of the crazy fashion business. While natural talent can take a person far, it is education and the refinement of skill that will sustain them in a competitive business market.

At most fashion colleges, there are several different programs of study to choose from. One such program focuses on the design of fashion apparel. In this program, students will learn creative design, apparel sketching, pattern drafting, digital design methods and draping. Additionally, they will learn from experienced designers through guest lectures.

Many colleges also offer a visual communications program. This type of a program can offer its students a background in exhibit design, visual presentation, retail presentation and store planning. Additionally, students will learn about trend analysis, color theory, computer graphics and fashion-oriented concept visualization.

Another program educates students on merchandise marketing. Participants learn about retail buying, business leadership skills, critical reasoning, and how all of these things apply to the marketing of merchandise. They even learn how to use the latest technology to enrich their marketing strategies.

Yet another fashion college program teaches the language of graphic design. In a graphic design program, students learn about the wide array of uses for digital graphics. They will learn about logo development, establishing corporate identities, product licensing, and branding. They will also study entertainment graphic design, and come to conclusions about what makes up a successful entertainment campaign in today’s industry.

The valuable lessons learned from fashion college will give you a leg up when starting off on your career. However, it is important to remember that while an education will always help you, it is not all it takes, especially in the fashion world. You need to be a keen businessperson, a good networker, and a quick thinker. You must possess the industry’s intuition and follow it to success.

How to Survive Your First Semester – Ten Fashion College Tips to Reduce Stress and Enjoy School

Going away to college for the first time is exciting, but it can be stressful as well. And whether you’re going to a state college, an Ivy League university, or a fashion school, that first semester can be the most stressful of all. But worry not, because it’s possible to not only survive, but thrive, your first term – and all through your college career. Here are ten helpful tips from a fashion college to get you started on the path to success, no matter where you go to school.

1. Know you’re not alone. Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed when they start college? New classes, new city, new roommates – it’s a lot to take in. But if you’re prepared for the fact that you will feel crazed those first few months, you’ll be better able to handle it. And knowing that everyone feels the same way you do just makes it a little easier.

2. Get organized. The good news is that in college, parents and teachers aren’t breathing down your neck telling you to do your homework and get to classes on time. But that’s also the bad news. Now you have to be responsible for it all yourself. Get yourself some kind of organizer – a datebook, a PDA, even a big wall calendar, and use it to keep track of all your assignments and exams. (It feels good to cross things off, too.)

3. Make new friends. Try to meet as many people as you can in your classes. Smile and say hello to students sitting around you. Break the ice by asking them about a lecture or reading assignment. And exchange e-mail addresses with them so you can contact them for notes if you have to miss a class.

4. Keep in touch with old ones. Thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, it’s easy to stay in touch with your old high school friends. Doing so makes the transition to a new college a lot easier, because you don’t feel like you’re suddenly cut off from everyone. Also, you can share stories and advice about adjusting to your new situations.

5. Get to know your teachers. To get over any intimidation about college instructors, meet them one on one in office hours. The more relaxed atmosphere of office hours is a great way to find out more about their academic and professional interests, and they get to know you better, too. Also, fashion school instructors typically are working professionals with industry ties, which can prove to be helpful when it comes time for you to find a job.

6. Don’t procrastinate. Time flies by that first semester. Keep on top of reading and assignments because before you know it, it’s time for exams. Falling one week behind can turn into two weeks, then three. Sticking to deadlines will take so much stress off of you.

7. Stay healthy. You’re already going to feel worn down from having a new schedule and life, so be sure to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest (all-nighters aren’t all they’re cracked up to be) and eat right. Be sure to get a flu shot, too.

8. Get involved in school. When you go to a new school, you can feel isolated, like you don’t belong anywhere. You can change that feeling by joining one of the on-campus clubs, or by signing up with a committee to plan a school event. You’ll meet new people and learn new skills, all with a big dollop of school spirit.

9. Visit the Career Center. It’s surprising that many students don’t even think about the Career Center until they’re ready to graduate. In fashion college, students are encouraged to visit the Career Center as soon as they start college, so they know what opportunities await them. It’s highly motivating for your studies when you have a dream career in mind.

10. Have fun. Studying is important, but putting your nose to the grindstone 24/7 will only burn you out. Don’t forget to make time for yourself: go to the movies, hit the gym, go dancing, or read a good book. It’s all about balance.

Your first semester in college can be one of the most thrilling times of your life. And the way you survive – and thrive – will set the course for the rest of your college years, and beyond.